Sliding Box

When it comes to stylish and functional packaging solutions, look no further than the Sliding Box. This innovative design combines the convenience of a slide-out drawer with the sturdiness of rigid boxes, offering a versatile and customizable solution for your packaging needs.

Customers may struggle to identify this gift box that combines a slide-out drawer with rigid sleeves. Commonly referred to as custom rigid match box due to its similar design features, this article introduces customized versions crafted using durable rigid stock such as cardboard with layers of black and brown Kraft papers for intricate finishing touches and personalized printing and creating beautiful gifts while being eco-friendly! These unique gift packages exemplify elegance.

Custom Made Rigid Cardboard Sliding Drawer Gift Boxes

As business professionals we rely on trusted products. When it comes to packaging them securely and elegantly, custom sliding box remains an effective choice for giving our premium items elegance and class. Furthermore, customized boxes provide effective sliding trays which contain two sections with smooth flow characteristics inside/out – for this reason custom sliding rigid bags offer greater benefits and are easier to carry and use! The tops roll out easily for convenient use!

Efficient Packaging for Easy Access and Organization

With the slide-out drawer design of our sliding boxes, accessing your products has never been more convenient. No more rummaging through layers of packaging materials or struggling to retrieve items from traditional boxes. The smooth sliding mechanism allows for quick and effortless access, saving you time and ensuring a hassle-free experience for your consumer. Keep your packaging process efficient and streamline your operations with our user-friendly sliding boxes.

Showcase Your Sliding Box with Style and Elegance

Presentation matters. We design our sliding boxes to showcase your products in the best possible light, evoking strong emotions. The elegant and sleek appearance of the boxes elevates the perceived value of your items, creating a sense of luxury and desirability. Whether displayed on store shelves or opened as a gift, our sliding boxes enhance the overall visual appeal of your products, captivating your customers and leaving a great lasting impression.

A Custom Rigid Sliding Box for Your Packaging Needs

Our sliding boxes are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and protection for your premium products. Our rigid box construction guarantees the safe and secure storage of your items during transit or display, providing you with peace of mind and an emotional sense of confidence.

Versatility to Accommodate a Range of Products

The Sliding Box is designed to accommodate a wide variety of products across different industries. Whether you’re in the fashion, beauty, electronics manufacturing, or gourmet food industry, these versatile boxes can be customized to perfectly fit and showcase your unique offerings.

Custom Slide Rigid Boxes opening with a ribbon pull

The sliding mechanism of these boxes requires a gentle push or pull from the drawer on one end, while the other part of the sleeve is pushed outwards to open the sliding boxes. Additionally, the other side of the box requires pulling from the inside. To facilitate the opening process, we offer pulls made with Ribbon, which is widely used for pulling Kraft rigid slide-out packaging. You have the freedom to choose a Ribbon that complements your personal Kraft slide box printing styles or finishing, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive look.

Custom Sliding Box with Inserts

Package and promote an extensive product lineup with sliders, which are matchbox-like packages that evoke emotion. Their attractive sliding boxes make an attractive packaging solution for businesses as well as private users; arrange items so that they will slide easily out! Our structure experts have carefully tailored customized sliding packaging inserts so your products will slide effortlessly out when consumers open your package. furthermore, there are different size/type combinations of sliding boxes available online, depending on storage needs.

Meticulously engineered custom slide box inserts

Add all your small items together so it will be simple for customers to retrieve them from their tray! Our structural engineers created inserts with care in mind so your goods remain protected when customers open up your package.

You can select to safely place your product into your box using paper card stock without the crease. Suitable for the product Kraft card with die-cut shape. It is available with custom Printed White Cards. Paper inserts are more eco- friendly than other insert types including foam insert.

Custom slide rigid drawer boxes with a clear window on the top

Your customers deserve an exceptional experience when visiting your store. Also provide them with this memorable one by using boxes featuring windows of various shapes to peek inside without needing to open it themselves! These delightful display solutions make shopping even easier while showing off all your merchandise effectively without taking up space on store shelves themselves! This solution offers attractive displays without opening boxes themselves for them to view your merchandise. An enjoyable and effortless viewing solution that provides convenient displays without opening them themselves!

Sliding Box Customization Options

Having the option for personalization at your disposal can prove incredibly beneficial, as it significantly enhances the impact of your products organized packaging. Utilize customized packaging not only for practical purposes but also for advertising, creating an emotional impact. At Best Price Packaging, we prioritize feasibility and strive to simplify the packaging process by incorporating additional features. For example, our graphic designers can seamlessly incorporate your manufacturer’s logo as a branding element on your packaging. And ensuring that every consumer recognizes the manufacturer’s name. This reinforces the quality improvements you have made with your product.

Black Kraft surface paper rigid cardboard slider drawer boxes gift packaging

Brown Kraft paper-wrapped rigid cardboard drawer cases now come wrapped with matte black Kraft paper for an attractive and sophisticated finish. Matt white Kraft paper covered rigid cardboard sliding boxes are an ideal addition for creating black drawers. Their finish looks sophisticated yet impressive!

Create a Lasting Impression with Custom Branding

Make a statement and leave a lasting impression with our custom sliding boxes. We understand the importance of branding and the power it holds in connecting with your customers. That’s why we offer the ability to personalize your boxes with your brand logo, unique artwork, and custom messaging. Every time your customers open one of your beautifully branded sliding boxes. Our brand guarantees that we will remind them of the exceptional experience we provide.


In conclusion, custom made rigid sliding drawer gift boxes are a popular and stylish packaging option for premium products. Create unique and attractive presentations with personalized printing, finishing, and inserts in these boxes. Various customization are available, including ribbon or rope pulls, clear windows, and different types of Kraft paper. IMH Packaging offers feasibility on all of its boxes, making adding branding elements or logos to the packaging easy. Whether you’re a business, manufacturer or a private user. The custom sliding rigid boxes are an excellent choice for elegant and functional packaging.

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