Custom Game Boxes

Game developers and enthusiasts know the importance of captivating packaging. Not only does it serve as a protective layer for your valuable game components, but it also establishes a memorable first impression and enhances the overall gaming experience. At our company, we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of custom game boxes tailored to your specific needs.

As an up-and-coming software company, quality game boxes are integral to your success, owing to the unboxing thrill gamers relish. We specialize in creating top-tier, custom-sized game packaging, specifically designed to align with your game’s unique and strategic features. Our vibrant packaging solutions not only enhance your brand image globally but also ensure a perfect fit for any game.

Superior Craftsmanship for Custom Game Boxes

Immaculate craftsmanship forms the cornerstone of our custom game boxes. Our team of expert artisans utilize advanced techniques and top-of-the-line materials, guaranteeing each custom game box we create exceeds industry standards both for quality and longevity.

High-Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Use

At Game Box World, we only utilize eco-friendly materials in designing and producing game boxes. Not only are these strong but they’re highly resistant to wear-and-tear, keeping card boxes for your games looking their best over an extended play period.

Dedicated Support From Packaging Specialists

Customized one-on-one consulting from ideas through production with experienced product specialists facilitates an effortless and smooth journey from conception to realization – don’t forget our convenient Unboxing Service too!

Unleashing Creativity with Custom Designs

Surpassing industry standards, we boast of exemplary customer service, and further, our expansive customization options set us apart. Offering an array of design choices, from the simplicity of minimalist elegance to the complexity of intricate detailing, we effectively do customer services that cater to a broad spectrum of stylistic inclinations.

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

No matter your storage requirements for board game boards and components, our comprehensive collection of game boxes provides convenient solutions. Choose between compact units for simple storage needs or large ones designed specifically to store and support intricate board game sets – we have something to meet them all! With customizable sizes and shapes designed specifically to your board game box’s dimensions.

Protecting the Environment with Sustainable Practices

Demonstrating our commitment to superior-quality game boxes, we faithfully adhere to sustainable practices. Starting with the use of eco-friendly materials, moving towards green packaging services, and culminating in production methods that minimize our environmental footprint, we ensure our process is as environmentally conscious as possible.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Custom Game Boxes

Our game boxes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, promoting a healthier environment. By choosing our products, you’re not only ensuring superior packaging for your games and toys but also contributing to a greener planet.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to deliver exceptional service at every step. From the moment you reach out to contact us to the delivery of your custom game boxes, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Prompt Delivery

We understand the value of time, especially in the gaming industry where timely product launches are crucial. We strive to deliver and customize your rigid set up boxes within the agreed timelines, ensuring your product reaches the market on time.

Structural Engineering & Design for Custom Game Boxes

We develop innovative and practical packaging technologies for the production of complex game packaging boxes.

An Innovative Approach to Game Box Packaging

Not only do we provide bespoke game boxes tailored to your specifications. But we also deliver them promptly and efficiently at attractive wholesale prices. Whether you need packaging for board games, video game software, or card games, our comprehensive solutions aim to boost your profit margins. Say goodbye to plate/die fees and enjoy free shipping, maximizing your business profits. At Custom Box Creators, we’re committed to igniting success and propelling your enterprise to new heights.

Innovative Designs for Charismatic Boxes

Recognizing the need for distinct and dynamic designs in game box packaging, our expert designers skillfully create visually appealing yet practical solutions. These designs, durable enough for repeated use, offer a cost-effective means for our clients to realize their own box packaging aspirations, even on a limited budget. Specifically, for indoor board and card games, we utilize stunning CMYK/PMS ink designs, truly enhancing the visual appeal of the boxes and bringing their unique beauty to life.

Transforming Your Computer and Gaming Business with Vibrant Custom Game Boxes

In our mission to amplify the appeal of your computer and gaming business. We continually craft innovative plans and mockup projects for our clients. Leveraging their expertise, our seasoned designers can create lively boxes that perfectly align with your latest development. In an era where game box designs have taken the world by storm. Our team offers specialized consultation on packaging, particularly catering to the retail and gaming software sector. Acknowledging the significance of meticulous research and a compelling brand image. Our dedicated team prioritizes these elements to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

Artwork & Visual Design

Distinctive packaging and printed artwork can set your product apart in a crowded marketplace. Elevate your product’s appeal with a fresh and unique design crafted by a professional in packaging and print artistry.

Elevate Product Appeal with Visually Striking Custom Game Boxes

Make more game sales using visually striking blank and cardboard boxes to increase product appeal and sales. Switching over to custom game boxes renowned for their high value in board game production can significantly heighten product aesthetic. Partner with one of the top board game printers to produce engaging board games that draw in audiences. Best Price Packaging also delivers rigid storage solutions which guarantee optimal storage solutions, accommodating table games cards, and game pieces, dice jigsaw puzzles war games. Our diverse solutions also cover custom storage cases; whether that is what is needed.


In an increasingly competitive gaming industry, the packaging of your product can make or break its success. With our custom game boxes, you can rest assured of superior quality, exceptional design, eco-friendly materials, and unparalleled customer service. Elevate your gaming experience with our unparalleled all card game packaging and solutions today.

Rigid Available Options

Grey Chipboard

Grey Chipboard

White Duplex Board

1 Side Coated Card


Brown kraft

Brown Kraft

white kraft

White Kraft

textured paper


black kraft

Black Kraft

Gold Metallic Paper

Metallic Paper

holographic paper


Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Digital Print

Digital Print

UV Printing

Screen Printing Machine

Screen Printing




UV Coating


Spot UV


Soft Touch Lamination

Matte Lamination

Matte Lamination

Gloss Lamination

Gloss Lamination


Flourescent Inks


Water Based Inks

Pantone Book


Metallic Pantone

Pantone Metallic






Hot Foil Stamping

Window Patching

Window Patching